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Who is she? Shannon—lover of intentional branding, dog doodles, and all things digital.

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Hey there, I’m Shannon! I’m an illustrator-turned-designer working in Portland, OR. My work is driven by a deep passion for designing with intention. I embrace the critical thinking and question-asking process and I enjoy exploring how branding can intersect with other avenues of design like motion and illustration. Most importantly, I love working with like-minded folks who are interested in fostering a joyful and collaborative atmosphere ︎

I just started full-time as a Designer at Jolby, and I’ve also worked with the folks at OMFGco, FISKNoise 13 and Tin House Books. I’m currently open to freelance work, scary movie recs, and photos of your dog.

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Thanks for the visit ︎
Thanks for the visit ︎